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How to Use Competas Assessment for Recruiting in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry faces unique challenges when it comes to recruiting. The talent pool is smaller than other industries and the talent that is available is often geographically dispersed. Additionally, the work is specialized and technical, which can … Read More

Why traditional hiring methods aren’t working for the energy industry

It’s clear that we need to find new ways to recruit and hire employees if we want to stay competitive. What is causing this change in Oil and Gas? The energy industry is changing and evolving at a rapid pace … Read More

Why energy companies focus on the wrong areas when hiring

Almost every energy company looks for the same things when hiring new employees. They want people with technical backgrounds and experience in the oil and gas industry. However, these are not the only things that energy companies should be looking … Read More

Hiring in the energy industry: focus on the right areas

The energy industry is booming, and with that comes an increased demand for qualified workers. If you’re in the process of hiring for your energy company, it’s important to focus on the right areas in order to find the best … Read More

Why hiring the right person is essential for the Energy industry

If you’re an energy company, then you know that finding and hiring the right person is essential to your success. After all, the right employee can help take your business to the next level by increasing efficiency and productivity. But … Read More

How to get into the Energy Sector

Energy is a sector that provides power not only to ordinary consumers but also other industrial sectors. The energy industry now encompasses roles in numerous sub-industries, and if you’re interested in entering this field it’s important for your understanding what … Read More

Hiring With Competas

With the Energy sector constantly expanding, it is essential to hire the best person for the job. With the right person in place, your company can reach its full potential and continue to grow. By contrast, if you hire the … Read More