Competency Assessments

Completely unbiased competency assessments

Competas Competency Assessments provide an unparalleled solution to identifying, evaluating, and managing talent within the energy industry. Built upon our best-in-class question set of over 6000 multiple choice questions, and advanced Computer-Adaptive-Testing technology, our competency assessments offer a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of an individual's skills, knowledge, and experience.


Key features

Best-in-Class Question Set: Over 6,000 questions developed by industry experts, our extensive question bank covers the full spectrum of technical and non-technical topics within the energy sector, ensuring a thorough and accurate assessment of each individual's capabilities.

Computer-Adaptive-Testing: Our advanced testing algorithm adjusts the difficulty of questions in real-time based on the individual's performance, providing a tailored and efficient assessment experience.

Detailed Results and Analysis: Gain actionable insights with our in-depth reports, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for your organisation.

Seamless Integration: Easily incorporate Competas Competency Assessments into your existing talent management processes, from recruitment and onboarding to training and development.

Key benefits

Improve Talent Acquisition: Leverage the power of competency assessments to identify and recruit top talent, ensuring the right fit for your organisation.

Enhance Workforce Development: Identify skills gaps and target areas for improvement, enabling you to develop tailored training and development programs.

Mitigate Risk and Improve Safety : Drastically improve the safety, security and people satisfaction in a mostly unregulated sector. Make informed decisions about team composition and project assignment, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and delays.

Foster Employee Engagement: Empower your employees with a clear understanding of their strengths and areas for growth, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and professional development.

Beyond Competas Assessments

Outside of Competency Assessment, Competas provide additional noteworthy functionality, we're constantly expanding our feature-set


The digital/physical smartcard enables site operators to instantly verify competency

Streamlined checkout

Assessment tokens can be purchased in bulk, and stored for later assignment

Smart dashboard

View all of your candidates, or all of your assessments in one place

Team Viewer

View, search, and sort your entire team via the Competas Team Viewer

Remote or Classroom assessments

Competas can facilitate classroom assessments with secure invigilation, or remote assessments (proctored)

24/7 Secure Remote Assessments

Due to our partnership with Europes leading secure proctoring service, ProctorExam, we can offer assessments globally 24/7