The Competas assessment

Global Competency Assurance

Harness the power of Competas' advanced competency assessments and team management systems to mitigate risks, improve safety, and cultivate a culture of excellence in the energy industry.

Discover the Competas advantage

Experience the Competas difference and revolutionise your approach to Competency/talent management in the energy industry. Embrace a safer, more efficient, and successful future with Competas.

Industry-Leading Assessments
Our best-in-class question bank of over 6,000 questions, deliver the most accurate and reliable assessments in the industry, setting a gold standard for competency evaluation.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Empower your organisation with actionable insights from our Team Management System, allowing you to optimise team dynamics and maximise productivity.

Uncover Hidden Talent
By leveraging our psychometric evaluations, identify the untapped potential within your workforce and build happy, efficient teams that excel together.

Turnkey Solutions
With ‘Powered-by Competas’, experience customised, white-label competency management solutions designed to cater to your organisation's unique needs and requirements.

Streamlined Verification
The Competas Passport offers a secure, digital record of competency that simplifies talent assessment and verification, saving time and resources.

Experience the Competas Difference
Revolutionise your approach to Competency/Talent Management in the energy industry. Embrace a safer, more efficient, and successful future with Competas.

The Proactive Safety Strategy

Reactive safety measures can mitigate damage, but proactive safety strategies prevent incidents before they occur. Central to this is ensuring every individual is trained, competent, and ready for the challenges they face.

The Competas solution

With our best-in-class question bank, competency assessment and team management solutions, we are giving businesses the tools they need to not only recruit the best and the brightest but also maximise value of established specialists and leaders.

Products and Services

Explore our suite of innovative products and services, designed to elevate competency management in the energy industry and propel your organisation to new heights.

Competency Assessments
Experience the most comprehensive competency evaluations in the industry, powered by our best-in-class question set and computer-adaptive testing technology.

Psychometric Evaluations
Unlock your team's true potential and foster collaboration with our cutting-edge psychometric assessments, designed to reveal hidden strengths and opportunities for growth.

Competas Passport
Streamline talent assessment and verification with our secure, digital competency record that transcends traditional CVs and resumes.

Team Management System
Harness the power of data-driven insights to optimise team dynamics, boost productivity, and make informed decisions for your organisation.

Powered by Competas
Embrace customised, white-label competency management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of your organisation.

Competas API
Seamlessly integrate both technical assessments and psychometric evaluations, into your existing systems via our secure, robust, always-on API.

Client testimonial

All the information is available post-assessment at the touch of a button via the intuitive dashboard, which allows OCCMS to hand select the right competencies for client’s specific needs.

Jamie Japp
Technical Director, OCCMS

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