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Hire right the first time.
Don't waste time and money hiring the wrong person.
Find the right fit in a matter of minutes.

The future of hiring
in Energy roles is Competas

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Find the best candidates

The missing compliment to a CV, Competas focuses on facts rather than stories.

The Competas Passport provides a clear, concise overview of a candidate's skills and experience. This makes it easy to see if a candidate is a good fit for a particular role.

As the Competas Passport is presented in an easily digestible format, you can be sure you're making the best hiring decisions in record time.

Time is money

Don't waste time interviewing people who aren't a good fit for the job.

Or spend hours screening CVs and pre-qualifying interviews.

With our competency assessment tool, you can quickly and easily match personnel to the requirements of the job opening.

Transparent and unbiased

We use machine-learning technology to perform a completely unbiased competency assessment across multiple roles and disciplines in the Energy industry.

You can be sure that our assessments are accurate and fair.

Share end results anonymously. Or not.

All the information is available post-assessment at the touch of a button via the intuitive dashboard, which allows OCCMS to hand select the right competencies for client’s specific needs.

Jamie Japp
Project Commissioning Manager, OCCMS

Get the best candidate every time​