Hiring With Competas

With the Energy sector constantly expanding, it is essential to hire the best person for the job. With the right person in place, your company can reach its full potential and continue to grow. By contrast, if you hire the wrong person, it can be difficult and costly to make changes later on. 

So how do you go about finding the best candidate? And once you’ve found them, what’s the best way to ensure they stay with your company? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Finding the right person to fill an open position within your company can be difficult. You want someone who is qualified and has the skills necessary to do the job, but you also need someone who will be a good fit for your company culture. 

With Competas, you can easily find candidates who meet all of your requirements and are a perfect fit for your company. 

Finding that right fit can be challenging. The Competas Passport is designed with the candidate in mind – providing a clear and concise overview of their skills & experience so the employee and candidate has  an accurate idea if roles are suited for them or not! 

As all information comes together seamlessly at one place, there’s no need for pages upon pages of resumes which only confuse employers. Instead Competas provides everything right at your fingertips.

You can’t afford to waste time interviewing people who aren’t a good fit for the job. And with our competency assessment tool, you won’t have that problem. 

Our assessment process is fast and easy – all without sacrificing quality or accuracy in your hiring process as well as being able to match personnel quickly so they’re ready when it comes down to making decisions on filling positions needed at any given moment.

When leveraged correctly once you have many candidates with completed assessments and Passports you will have an already assessed group of individuals to choose from via “Team Viewer”. This cuts out having to outsource hiring again.

Competas is a great step in the right direction for any company or recruiter in the energy industry to hire from facts rather than stories of a traditional resume.

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