Why traditional hiring methods aren’t working for the energy industry

It’s clear that we need to find new ways to recruit and hire employees if we want to stay competitive. What is causing this change in Oil and Gas?

  • The energy industry is changing and evolving at a rapid pace
  • Traditional hiring methods are not keeping up with the changes
  • Energy companies are struggling to find qualified candidates
  • Hiring managers are turning to alternative methods to find qualified candidates
  • Recruiters need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in order to find qualified candidates

Think about the energy industry. It’s one of the most important and complex industries in the world, and it’s constantly evolving. So you’d think that companies in this industry would be looking for the best and brightest employees to help them stay ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many energy companies are still relying on traditional hiring methods, instead of using strategies to locate top talent.

Oil and Gas industry has been slow to adopt new innovative methods of hiring, specifically Competas assessment.

However, the use of this method has led to a positive change in the industry. The benefits of using Competas include: reducing staff turnover rates, improved employee productivity, and increased profits. Oil and Gas companies that have adopted this assessment are seeing great results, and those that have not yet adopted it should consider doing so in order to improve their businesses.

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