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The Technical Assessment: INTRO

Role and Discipline specific assessments

Each assessment is assigned a role and discipline, such as Engineer Control and Instrumentation. From this assignment, a bank of questions is automatically pulled from our collection of over 6000 questions.

Beyond pass-fail trade tests

After the role and discipline are known, Competas presents candidates with a unique self-assessment process. Here, candidates assess where they believe their present competency lies on a scale of 0-5. Zero being 'no knowledge/not-relevant to me, and 5 being a subject matter expert.
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Competas algorithm

Informed by the candidates self-assessment levels, the Competas algorithm adapts question difficulty based on the correct/incorrect answering of questions. In essence, the Technical Assessment increases in difficulty if a candidate is doing well, and decreases in difficulty if not. This process of difficulty scaling repeats until the algorithm believes it understands a candidates true competency in each topic. This process is what enables Competas to outshine traditional pass/fail trade-tests, and provide complete assessments in under 3 hours.

The Competas psychometric evaluation

Understanding the unique traits of yourself, or the individuals on a team is invaluable. Competas assessed personnel enable a more effective workforce where skill strengths can be matched to assigned work, reduce staff turnover, keep people safe, drive down operational costs, and improve productivity which ultimately benefits the bottom line.
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Unique Competency Passport

The Competas passport displays all data gathered in the Technical assessment and Psychometric evaluation, in a condensed simplified interface.

For companies and recruiters, this functionality is greater expanded into Team Management, Search, Share, and more.

For individuals, you are now empowered with the ability to share your Passport however you wish via a simple URL which can be attached in an email, or posted to LinkedIN

For individuals, learn more about the value of a Competas Passport

For companies, recruiters, and agencies, see how Competas works at scale


A complete Competas Passport in around 2 to 4 hours


Purchase and assign tokens through the app (a full walkthrough is presented after registration).


Invite candidates to begin their self-assessment and optional psychometric evaluation, or as an individual, get started right away.


For companies, wait for email confirmation or an app-notification that your candidates have completed self-assessment, and are ready to be booked in for a technical assessment. For individuals, see step 5.


Book in assessments per candidate, or for yourself, based on agreed availability.

Assessments are remotely proctored using the leading European proctoring solution "ProctorExam.


Individuals complete the Technical Assessment in a securely proctored environment. Remote by default, classroom upon request.


Competas and Proctor Exam work together to perform a Quality and Security check on each technical assessment. This takes approximately 24-48 hours.


After all checks and balances are complete, enjoy reviewing you or your candidates passport!

Passports can instantly be shared, managed in Team Viewer, and soon the Competas Search Engine will be available!

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