With no limit per individual, and bulk pricing available for organisations upon request.

All core features included

Every assessment comes with exactly the same features, the only difference is whether it's a Technician or Engineer assessment.

Technical Assessment

Role and discipline specific with up to 20 topics

Passport Share

Share passports either anonymously or non-anonymously

Psychometric Evaluation

Discover individuals personality fingerprint

Team Viewer

Effectively manage project bids by grouping individuals relative to their strengths

Assessment pricing



per assessment *excluding sales tax



Enterprise and educational discounts are available upon request



per assessment *excluding sales tax

All accounts include

Smart Dashboard

View all of your candidates, or all of your assessments in one place.

Passport share

Share passports instantly via email, LinkedIn, or wherever benefits you/your organisation the most.

Technical Assessment

Over 6000 unique, SME vetted questions, specific to each role, discipline, and self-assessment mapping.

Self assessment

Competas unique self-assessment process cuts out the wasted time in individuals technical assessments, presenting a bespoke question bank for each candidate.

Video Tutorials

In addition to step-by-step walkthroughs, progress monitors, email and in-app notifications, Competas also provide video tutorials.

Account Support

It's unlikely, but if any user , individual or organisation, requires help, we're here on the phone, email, or support app at no additional cost.

Team Viewer

View, search, and sort your entire team via the Competas Team Viewer.

Psychometric evaluation

Get you know yourself, or your team, with the Psychometric Evaluation.

Anonymous or non anonymous share control

Passports can be shared anonymously to protect the identity of an individual, or, in full via the non-anonymous share option.

All the information is available post assessment at the touch of a button via the intuitive dashboard, which allows OCCMS to hand select the right competencies for client’s specific needs.

Jamie Japp
Project Commissioning Manager, OCCMS

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