Competas Technical Assessment Process

The competency assessement is performed in a secure, proctored environment and consists of several modules - Safety, Technical and Psychometric

  1. 1. Role and Discipline based technical assessment
  2. For each assessment, a project role is selected, followed by one of the project disciplines of Electrical, Mechanical, Process, Control and Instrumentation.

    Individuals complete an inital self-assessment of their perceived current level of competence in each topic area, then the assessment may begin.

    The COMPETAS technical assessment is modelled upon Computer Adaptive Testing using a proprietary Machine-Learning enhanced CAT algorithm to effectively assess the topic-to-topic competency of individuals.

    Benfits of Competas

    1. Existing industry methods often require lengthy periods of assessment, whereas the COMPETAS assessment allows superior evaluation within 3-4 hours.

    2. Provides a robust, standardised mechanism to fairly evaluate large numbers of indivuals.

    3. Minimise travel expenses by undertaking assessments at a secure location convenient to the candidates home / location.

    4. Can be programmed with bespoke question banks for any of the industry sectors.

    5. White labeled instances can be provided in-keeping with corporate identity.

    6. Eliminates personal bias and discrimination from the selection process.

    7. SMARTCARD technology provides a secure means of on-site identity validation, and effective allocation of skillsets to task.