The Competas Assessment

Completely unbiased competency assessments

Competas utilises machine-learning technology to perform a completely unbiased competency assessment across multiple roles and disciplines in the Energy industry. The Competas Passport distils an individuals entire set of safety and technical competencies in a simple graded format.


Bespoke technical content meticulously authored by industry leading subject-matter-experts, subjected to 6 unique rounds of independent quality assurance.


Competas' partnership with Europes leading proctoring provider enables maximum security, zero risk to health, and no travel expenses. Buy, book and assess within 2-4 hours.


The Competas assessment algorithm, paired with individuals self-assessed levels ensures a truly reliable report of competency, unlike anything seen before in the energy industry.

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Step 1

Invite candidates to take the assessment in a securely proctored environment, remote by default or classroom upon request. And watch all their knowledge being mapped out right in front of you. This way, you can compare candidates and find the best fit for your open position. With Competas, there's no need to worry about biased hiring decisions - we give you all the information you need to make a confident, informed decision.

Step 2

Provide candidates with registration details Allow them to participate at the psychometric evaluation at their own pace, then the comprehensive technical assessment under private securely proctored assessment conditions
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Step 3

After completion of the assessment you can enjoy the easy comparison Hire the right person for the job with assurance that they are the best fit Or even more, the right positions for all the interesting candidates Share individuals competencies worldwide so you can always reach remote candidates and employers Share your team, or individual Competas Passports with the simple Competas Share utility.

All the information is available post assessment at the touch of a button via the intuitive dashboard, which allows OCCMS to hand select the right competencies for client’s specific needs.

Get the right candidate every time